Monoclonal Antibody, Anti Ft LVS LpnA/Tu14 Clone 164


Francisella tularensis is an intracellular, gram-negative bacterium that invades macrophages and initiates the human immune response.


Tularemia, commonly known as ?rabbit fever? can be communicated across several species including; rabbits, rodents and humans. The murine monoclonal antibody recognizes a native epitope of Francisella tularensis ?Live Vaccine Strain?; IgG monoclonal antibody clone 164 against a native epitope of Francisella tularensis protein, LpnA/Tu14.


The antibody was developed from a mouse infected with F.tularensis live vaccine strain and not recombinant protein, therefore representing a natural antibody made by the mouse in defence of infection against the native F. tularensis protein.


Western blot - ELISA - Immunoprecipitation - Immunofluorescence assays

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Case ID: R8098
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Anti Ft LVS LpnA/Tul4 Clone 164
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