Rainbow Infant Incubator


Current incubators are large, heavy and expensive. Storage of any more than a few of these units is not practical due to space restrictions. In addition, the current incubators are difficult to transport from one location to another (requiring a truck with a lift gate) in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.


Dr. Craig Lehmann, Professor at Stony Brook University invented the Rainbow Infant Incubator which is light weight (under 25 pounds), foldable to less than 1/10th its original size, possesses a carry handle, and is easily assembled in minutes. It can be used in underdeveloped countries where shipping of the current type of unit is not practical. Large quantities of these infant incubators can be stored, requiring minimal space, and will be available when called upon, easily moved and intuitive lyobvious to assemble and use.


Light weight Easily transportable Quick and easy assembly


A portable, light weight infant incubator

Patent Status

PCT Publication No. WO 2014-159951

Stage Of Development

Prototype developed and available for testing.

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We seek to develop and commercialize, by an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement and/or sponsored research, with a company active in the area

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Available for License

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Patent Information:
Case ID: R8516
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