Novel Method For Enzymatic Production of Cyclic-diGMP


Cyclic bis (3?,5?) diguanylate monophosphate or (cyclic-diGMP) is a bacterial secondary messenger involved in the regulation of various cellular processes that have medical and agricultural implications including biofilm formation, regulation of virulence factors, and cell mobility. There is also a growing interest in understanding the underlying mechanisms by which cyclic-diGMP regulates these processes in the scientific community. Current enzymatic methods for cyclic-diGMP production involve the enzymes diguanylate cyclases. However, existing methods for producing cyclic-diGMP are flawed, and thus new methods for producing high concentrations of cyclic-diGMP are needed.


Researchers at Stony Brook University have identified variants of the bifunctional diguanylate cyclase-phosphodiesterase enzymes enable the production of large quantities of cyclic-diGMP. Using these novel enzymes make it possible to synthesize large quantities of cyclic-diGMP from guanosine triphosphate (GTP) at low cost. Additionally, these enzyme variants retain enzymatic activity for over several months making them ideal for long term storage and repeated cyclic-diGMP syntheses.


Production of large concentrations of cyclic-diGMP - Easy production of cyclic-diGMP from GTP and/or labeled GTP - Low cost and reduced time for production


Research use - Potential for therapeutic uses - Development of Biofilms

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Research stage. Utility Patent Filed US 2014-0170689

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