Multi-Cell Multi-Layer High Voltage and Cost Effective Supercapacitor


Supercapacitors are promising energy storage devices. Due to their fast charge‑discharge characteristics, low resistance, long cycle life, and wide operating temperatures, supercapacitors are used in industries such as transportation, grid energy storage, and industrial applications; there is a rapidly growing demand for these storage systems. However, individual supercapacitors have low stand‑off power (< 3 volts) and energy densities. In order to hold a higher voltage (+10 volts) the system must include electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) and thus becomes bulky and expensive.


Using multiple supercapacitors, an apparatus will maintain a high electrical voltage without EDLC's. Along with the apparatus is an electrode‑electrolyte combination for low leakage losses within the supercapacitor apparatus. These allow for regenerative braking and micro‑grid VAR applications. Thus, the apparatus will provide a high energy, high voltage, and low loss supercapacitor.


-More efficient -Higher amount of energy -Higher voltage maximum -Small physical size -More cost effective -Use of a sophisticated electronic balancing board allows for equalized charge


-Utility grade high voltage energy storage -Power generation and distribution -Capacitance -Grid systems -Manufacturing

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