Modular Robot Design and Prototyping Kit


Traditional robotics for educational use often uses tools and machinery. Such needs limit where students are able to learn robotics. Along with limiting area, it is not cost efficient to provide every single student with the necessary tools (such as trills and a number of screws) to create a robot. The SnappyXO uses connectors that do not require tools, and can be easily manufactured to provide a large number of students the opportunity to learn robotics.


Using a variety of manufactured parts, the SnappyXO includes a variety of connectors. The different angles the connectors are shaped in allow builders to explore the way linkages can be created, without the need of a screwdriver or other tools. The use of different lengths also allow a combination of linkages to be created.


-More educational opportunities to students in the field of robotics -Easier to manufacture -Large quantities available


-Education -Robotics -Prototyping and scale models -Mechanics -Physics -Stress analysis -Testing

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Case ID: R8784
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