Low Cost Interactive Monitor to Reduce Sudden Unexpected Infant Death in Developing Countries


Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) is a leading cause of death worldwide for children less than one year of age. The incidence of SUID is 25 times higher in underdeveloped countries. Of the ten countries worldwide with the highest SUID rates,nine are in Africa (US Central Intelligence Agency). Infants in Kenya die at a rate of 121 deaths per 1000 live births (United Nations). More than 1 in 10 infants in Kenya die of SUID. Research indicates a variety of controllable factors thatthe incidence of SUID: monitoring for apnea; sleeping position (an infant should sleep supine, not prone); and environment (e.g. mattress should be firm).


Dr. Craig Lehmann, Professor at Stony Brook University developed a simple, low-cost infant monitor that will reduce the controllable factors associated with SUID by monitoring infants' breathing and sleeping position and by raising caregiverawareness of SUID risk factors. This one-piece monitor will have an intuitive design so that it can be operated by anyone, anywhere, regardless of education, language or training. Implementing this monitor can improve neonatal health -a key priority area identified by the Gates Grand Challenges Explorations Global Health Priority Areas topic.


Simple Low cost Does not require an external power source Reduces controllable factors associated with SUID by monitoring breathing and sleeping position Raises caregiver awareness of SUID risk factors


Reduce the controllable factors that can cause SUID

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PCT Publication No. WO 2014-043166

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Prototype developed and available for testing.

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