Dual Function Ag-Lio-I Based Battery


Lithium ion batteries have powered many important devices during their development over the past several decades, such as pace makers and other bio-medical devices. Devices such as these are very reliant on lithium batteries because they are able to be used for a long duration of time, can withstand a multitude of physical apparatuses, and do not relay on charge very often. However, batteries are able to be improved further, with the addition of new elements.


Researchers have developed a dual-function battery. The technology includes a self-assembled, self-restoring, solid-state battery based on a silver-containing ionic conductor. As both silver and lithium are introduced in the battery, a self-restoring action is processed to reinvigorate the battery with depleted cells. A layer within the battery itself also serves as both a separator and electrolyte within the battery, during the chemical process.


-More efficient -Less maintenance -Greater durability -More resourceful


-Batteries -Chemical science -Material science -Manufacturing -Renewable energy

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[WO2017/023884 A1](https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2017023884)

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