Digital Image Speckle Correlation (DISC) Analysis for Subcutaneous Muscle Motion and Nerve Function


Digital Image Speckle Correlation (DISC) has previously been used in animal studies of skin dynamics. In addition, the technology has been applied toward characterizing the biomechanical properties of human skin and the effects of ageing, as well as the analysis of mechanical properties of metals. The proposed innovation will extend DISC to direct clinical applications.


Researchers at Stony Brook University have invented Digital Image Speckle Correlation (DISC) analysis, which is a novel, sensitive, and non-invasive technique that calculates the magnitude and vector of muscle contraction through photographic analysis. DISC can be used to test the efficiency of commercial skin repair products on people of different ages, gender, and ethnicity. It can also be used to determine the frequency and sites for Botox injections specific to each patient, as well as monitor facial neuroma and determine when surgery is needed. Additionally DISC can be used commercially to determine the effect of nerve function and monitor recovery in patients of Bell?s palsy, nerve repair.


Highly cost-effective - Sensitive and non-invasive - Non-contact technique which detects subtle deformation of the skin - Uses vector displacement to determine the magnitude and direction of muscle contraction


Test efficiency of commercial skin repair products - Determine the frequency and sites for Botox injections specific to each patient - Monitor facial neuroma and determine when surgery is needed

Patent Status

Patent application submitted

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Software is available for demonstration. Utility Patent Filed, Publication No. US 2013-0123647

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Available for license. Stony Brook are seeking to develop and commercialize, by an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement and/or sponsored research, with a company active in the area.

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Case ID: R8348
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