Crosslinked Thermoreversible Pluronic Hydrogels for Prosthetic Disc Nucleus Replacement


When a spinal disc becomes damaged due to trauma or disease resulting in a disc herniation, it may become necessary to replace a natural spinal disc nucleus with a prosthesis. Such prostheses should preferably mimic the shape and function of the natural nucleus. Several varieties of prostheses have been proposed for replacing the natural disc nucleus, however these prostheses may exert additional pressure on the annulus and can further cause deterioration. Several other implants can eventually decompose and become mobile. The present invention overcomes all the disadvantages of the previously used implanted materials.


Researchers at Stony Brook University have created a non-invasive technique for prosthetic spinal disc nucleus replacements. This treatment obviates the need for any surgical intervention in herniated spinal disc repair. Besides this, it can also be used to fill gaps or cavities, gaps in bones or other internal spaces in the body. This invention can be used by crosslinking HA and pluronic which makes the hydrogel non‑adhesive. For adhesive gels, gelatin and pluronic can be crosslinked and used for regenerative medicine.


Thermoreversible - This hydrogel is easily injectable and FDA approved - Additional Hydrogel can be injected to compensate for degradation - Decaying hydrogel implant can be removed by cooling - Manipulation of size and compressibility of the implant


Prosthetic spinal disk nucleus replacements.

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Prototype is available for testing.PCT Publication No. WO 2013-006671

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Available for license. Stony Brook is seeking to develop and commercialize, by an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement and/or sponsored research, with a company active in the area.

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