General, Room-Temperature Method for the Synthesis of Isolated as well as Arrays of Single-Crystalline ABO4-Type Nanoroda (BNL 15-22)


Metal oxides and metal fluorides are important in the aspect of their structure‑related properties, including superconductivity, ferroelectricity, magnetisms and conductivity. Prior art methods of synthesizing fluoride nano-structures are by hydrothermal and or solvothermal methodological approaches, which have substantial shortcomings. These methods do not allow for the synthesis of pure single‑crystalline nano-structures with predictable size and morphology.


Fabrication approach is critical because assembly of nanoscale components is a key for building functional devices, which will be implemented in electronics and molecular sensing. These nano-structures include nanorods and nano-arrays, and single-crystalline nanorods have the formula ABO4. The nanorods have an aspect ratio of from about 2 up to about 1000. The diameter of the nanorods ranges from about 1 to about 10,000 nm. 


Single crystalline nano-rod having the mixture wherein the nano-rod is at least about 95% free of defectors and or dislocations, free of surfactant molecular groups and the nano-rod is isolated. The invention allows for the fabrication of nano-arrays in a predictable and reproducible manner. 



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