Solderless Circuit Connector


Over time the size of integrated circuits (ICs) have decreased, but with this, the number of circuits per package has increased (and continues to). It's necessary to facilitate communication between the elements of the circuit and the outside system. Terminal leads are becoming finer, meaning they're more difficult to mount on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Packaging technology has evolved into leadless packing in order to address this, but many methods are either high-cost or consume too much energy. Interconnect technology is lagging, and connectors used through this method are too heavy and are one of the most expensive portions of electronic products currently. A disadvantage of this technology is a resistance between IC package contacts and contacts of the mounting device due to oxidation. There is a need for a superconducting ICs (SICs) that can operate with low energy consumption, cost-efficiency and a greater speed.


This technology includes multi-use mechanical IC connectors for the purpose of securing electrical connectors releasably and without solder; they provide (at least one of) a micro-strip, strip-line and waveguide with enhanced signal propagation. The device consists of: a top with a first and second side, facing opposite directions; an alignment plate; a connector with a hole, a first side, a second side, and at least one edge; and a bottom with a first and second side.


-Allows for repeated mounting and unmounting of electronic components -Components have a plurality of densely populated, pinless terminals -The top of the device is stacked on the alignment plate, the plate is stacked on the connector, and the connector is stacked on the bottom, so that the top is movable in a first direction along a plurality of rails. -Less energy used -Less expensive -Greater speed


-Electrical connectors -Electronic devices

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Notice of Publication: US-2021-0036446-A1

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