Scanning Confocal Acoustic Diagnostic for Bone Quality


This invention deals generally with the diagnostic methods and apparatus for determining the quality and condition of bones and sample materials. The methodology supporting this technology is for determining invasively, destructively the condition of certain bones in humans and animals.


The system includes transmitting ultrasonic transducer and a receiving ultrasonic transducer, both of are confocal transducers. The transducers are configured to receive the material sample between the confocal point of the transducers, initiating an ultrasonic signal from the transducers, transmitting at least one point of the material sample. In turn, the receiving signal reflects one or more of these ultrasonic signals. The process determines one ultrasonic parameter for the given material sample, and is able to determine the material property.




The need for assessing the mechanical properties of a material is found in a wide variety of applications. It is necessary to test the strength of material in industrial applications, it can be utilized to determine the mechanical properties of material and as a benchmark for material testing. As compared to other forms of testing i.e medical application, it is desirable to determine the mechanical properties of the material for proper diagnosis and treatment, however it is quite difficult to analyze because destructive testing cannot be used, and non-homogenous nature of biological tissues presents unique problems. A need for accurate bone mass and bone strength would act as an indicator for resistance to fracture and condition for bone quality.

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