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Currently, when performing eye, eyelid, or upper face surgery, the surgeon will tape a plastic covering to the patient’s face, sometimes along with a traditional mask. This technique is insufficient at creating a sterile field for the patient, is difficult to set up correctly, and often gets in the way of the surgeon. Thus, a device that can provide a ready-made and easy-to-use protective barrier to keep the area sterile is needed.


This facial shield is made of a frame that wraps around the patient’s nose and supports that extend from the frame over the patient’s mouth. This framework is covered by a sterile sleeve, blocking airflow from the patient’s breathing and preventing surgical tools from directly contacting the nose or mouth. Using the device only requires sliding on the sterile sleeve and placing the device over the patient’s head. This setup allows the easy creation of a sterile zone on the upper face for eye-related and other upper-facial surgeries.


Easier to set up - Less likely to interfere with operation - More sterile


Sterile upper facial surgery.

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