Method and Apparatus for Obvious Transaction Processing


Increasingly, data management is outsourced to third parties. This trend is driven by growth and advances in cheap, high-speed communication infrastructures as well as by the fact that the total cost of data management is 5-10 times higher than the initial acquisition costs. Outsourcing has the potential to minimize client-side management overheads and benefit from a service provider?s global expertise consolidation and bulk pricing. Providers such as Yahoo Briefcase, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Sun Utility Computing, and others ranging from corporate-level services such as the IBM Data Center Outsourcing Services to personal level database hosting are rushing to offer increasingly complex storage and computation outsourcing services.


This invention allows clients to outsource part of their database management needs to untrusted service providers. Specifically, now clients computers will be able to synchronize their database through a third partys service providers server.


This technology enables a set of clients to synchronize their database via an untrusted server. This could allow companies to outsource part of their data management needs to third parties.


Any enterprise or organization within an enterprise having a shared database that must remain secret and also fault tolerant as a potential customer.

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