Embedded Conformal Electronics and Sensors Via Novel Additive-Subtractive Fabrication Technology


Engineering systems are becoming incredibly complex and efficient. However, as a result of these very powerful machines, when components break it is very expensive. There is also no central monitoring system for the components, thus lowering efficiency of machines over a period of time. Therefore, machines need to be monitored to schedule repairs at opportune times.


Thermal spray technology coupled with precision laser materials over electronic components. The electronics are extremely robust, and the technology enables long-life sensing and health monitoring systems for the components in a machine.


- More control over components - Less major repairs - More cost effective


This technology enables monitoring of machinery to lessen major repairs and could be applicable in the following industries: - Production - Service - Distribution - Power

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https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/xpns1kryq4sl5yqvmeid_19400395010_0c88c72131_o.jpg Source: MOSFET with conformal coating scraped off, makototakeuchi, www.flickr.com/photos/makototakeuchi/19400395010, CC BY 2.0.
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Case ID: R7608
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