Bismuth Ferrite Nanostructures


Various classes of nano-structures, nanocubes have sparked interests in being building blocks for nano‑devices and nano sensors and other nano material. Production of magnetic materials at the nanoscale introduce significant technological advancements in data storage density, quantum computing and technologies centered around memory.


The present invention provides single crystalline nano‑structures including nanocubes, nano‑orthorhombi, nano rods nanotubes, nanoparticles, and rhombohedra. The structures of this invention are crystalline and solid. Methods in making the nanostructure include an embodiment of aqueous bismuth reagent mixed with a reagent of metal. An aqueous solvent is added to form a precursor mixture, which is then mixed and stirred while heating for period of time that allows for a transparent sol comprising of ternary oxide nanostructure precursors to form. The advantages of the present methods for the synthesis of magnetic nano-structures include practicality and its generalizability and simplicity and non‑toxicity. The method allows for predictive formation of different shapes of the product such as cubic, orthorhombic and rod like structures, suitable for large‑scale preparation of important metal oxides with controllable size and shape.


First Report of the generation of ID structures of magnetoelectric multiferroics - Method possesses simplicity and generalizability - Facile, modified template assisted methodology - Valuable starting point for functional nanoscale devices


Design of nanoscale building blocks for magnetic materials at the nanoscale level for technologies involving: - Data storage density - Quantum computing - Spintronics - Memory and sensor development

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