App based customer support system for shopping markets


Navigating supermarkets can be confusing, especially if the customer is not sure what category the product they are searching for could be in. Existing brand‑specific apps provide various helpful functions for their customers, such as the ability to see prices by scanning bar codes. A function that helped users find the items they are looking for would be another helpful addition to these apps.


This app feature can be added on to existing shopping apps, and will use augmented reality to help the user navigate within the store. At the top there is a search bar, where customers can enter what item they are looking for, and then the app will use the camera to direct the user to their desired item. As they follow the directions, stores can choose to have tips pop up if they pass by items that they have bought before or items that are similar to their buying history.


Makes customers' lives easier and finding items faster - More intuitive and interactive than a map‑based system - Tips may help customers not forget items


Supermarkets or other large stores - Can be useful to find stores or rooms in large buildings like malls and movie theaters. The search bar could be modified to allow searches for stores where specific items are likely to be sold - Training new employees, or assisting them in providing directions to customers on their own

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