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Development of a Pediatric Tuberculosis Diagnostic Test
A lipoprotein diagnostic marker for TB disease ideal for a simple diagnostic assay from a finger prick blood or serum Background: The inadequate sensitivity of available organism-based TB diagnostic tools in children, the wide spectrum of disease observed in children, and the non-specific signs and symptoms especially in young and HIV-children,...
Published: 8/28/2020   |   Inventor(s): Nicole Sampson, Xinxin Yang
Keywords(s): antibody, biomarker, diagnosis, ELISA, modified LDL, Technologies, tuberculosis
Category(s): Antibodies, Diagnostics, Campus > Stony Brook University
Methods of Treating and Preventing Angioedema and Vascular Leakage
Peptides and antibodies that block vascular permeability induced in angioedema patients that are new targets for treatment. Background: Angioedema associated with C1-INH deficiency is an inherited or acquired condition that affects 20 per cent of the population. The condition can be disfiguring, painful and sometimes fatal. Existing treatments primarily...
Published: 8/27/2020   |   Inventor(s): Berhane Ghebrehiwet
Keywords(s): angioedema, gClqR, Medical, Monoclonal antibody, peptides, Technologies, vascular leakage
Category(s): Therapeutics, Antibodies, Campus > Stony Brook University
Monoclonal Antibody, Anti Ft LVS LpnA/Tu14 Clone 164
An intracellular bacterium that can initiate the human response to Tularemia Background: Francisella tularensis is an intracellular, gram-negative bacterium that invades macrophages and initiates the human immune response. Technology Overview: Tularemia, commonly known as ?rabbit fever? can be communicated across several species including;...
Published: 8/27/2020   |   Inventor(s): Jorge Benach, Anne Savitt
Keywords(s): Anti Ft LVS LpnA/Tul4 Clone 164, Biological or Antibody, Monoclonal antibody, Technologies
Category(s): Antibodies, Research Tools and Reagents, Campus > Stony Brook University
Novel Monoclonal Antibodies to Treat Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Infections
These mABs elicit phagocytic activity and protective immune response to clear bacteria from infected mice. Background: Carbapenem-resistant K.pneumonia (CR-Kp) strains are a major threat worldwide due to the difficult to treat. Lack of new antibiotics in pipeline and the emergence of resistance to the last-resource antibiotics has resulted in an urgent...
Published: 1/24/2020   |   Inventor(s): Bettina Fries, Elizabet Diago Navarro
Keywords(s): Technologies
Category(s): Antibodies, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Campus > Stony Brook University
Single Chain Antibody (Mab69) against the NG2 proteoglycan
AAV based viral vectors that express either AAV-NG2Ab or AAV-NT3 have been shown to provide improved recovery of motor function in models. Background: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) affects nearly 270,000 Americans and is a common cause of permanent disability and death in children and adults. Despite being a significant burden to the patients, society...
Published: 1/24/2020   |   Inventor(s): Joel Levine, Victor Arvanian
Keywords(s): Technologies
Category(s): Therapeutics, Antibodies, Gene Therapy and Viral Vectors, Campus > Stony Brook University